Friday, May 3, 2013

Abortion by surgery or by contraception: A baby dies, a mother cries

Whether a mom aborts her baby by going to a clinic and having an abortion, or whether, as is far more often the case, she aborts her baby unawares because she used abortifacient contraception (Pill, IUD, etc.), a real human being actually dies. And even unawares, a mother cries, no matter if that "crying" takes a form that doesn't look like physical crying with tears.

It is fitting that so much attention be given to the reality of what happens during surgical abortion at abortion clinics: that a real live child is torn limb from limb from her mother's womb; that, as we are learning now, sometimes they may be born alive and then suffocated. It is high time that brave souls such as Lila Rose call our attention to these things.

However, it is also high time that women, mothers, face the reality that abortion by many common forms of contraception also kill a real live baby in the our wombs. We don't go to a clinic-- we'd never dream of doing such a thing. We even say we're against abortion. Maybe we even acknowledge that contraceptives such as the Pill and IUD cause abortion, so we're against those things, too.

Yet, we are silent about those abortions as we stand in our picket lines and pray. W e avoid the C-word in our prolife rallies and gatherings. We are personally opposed, but we dare not speak out too often or too loudly about babies whose lives are ended by contraception. It's too early, or it's too confusing, or we might offend the lady standing right next to us praying to end abortion who uses contraception or whose daughter or granddaughter uses it.

Yet, no matter how a mother aborts her child, she knows she did it, even if she doesn't or can't admit it. Her body knows. Her head knows. Her soul knows. Her crying takes many forms, just as it does with moms who actually go through a surgical or chemical intentional abortion: perfectionism; eating disorders; inability to attach to subsequent children in a healthy way; over-attaching, indulging children with all kinds of permissions that aren't good for them; chronic depression; unhealthy relationships; troubled marriages; cancer, especially of  maternal reproductive organs.

Watch this short film online about one mother's agony that ends in joy. It's only twelve minutes long. And spread it far and wide.

I know the reason I cry every time I see such a story. I cry because it happened to me, but not in the usual way. And I cry because I long for others like me to join me in spreading the word that whether by abortion by surgery or abortion by using contraceptive pills or devices, a baby dies, every time. And a mother cries, every time, whether she knows why or not. God longs to heal us, but first we have to acknowledge right out loud what went wrong.

For their lives!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christ as Husband: Man as Husband

Watch this marvelous description of what it means to be two in one flesh as Martin Brenner discusses  Christ as Bridegroom in the Sacrifice and of being "given up" for His Bride, the Church here.
He says that if husbands can't see themselves as bridegrooms who sacrifice themselves, being "given up" for their own brides regarding contraception, this is a denial of likeness to Christ as Bridegroom of His Mystical Bride. If husbands and wives, or men and women in general, in becoming one flesh,  refuse the model of Christ as a sacrificing husband, we cannot mirror what our sacramental marriage is intended to mirror on earth. (my interpretation of what he's saying).

He says that 70% of priests are said to reject the teaching of Humanae Vitae, while 90% of Catholics reject it, and this is a reflection of the original sin of the rebellious angels.